Modular Tanks

Modular System is high strength, as Center Aquatic Pollution Identification Management, modular stormwater infiltration or storage tank made using recycled polypropylene material.
The expansion of urban and industrial development has generated large areas of impermeable surfaces such as roofs, car parks, playgrounds and roads. As a consequence, stormwater run-off increases substantially resulting in flooding and the discharge of pollutants into streams, rivers, ocean outlets and storage systems.

Modular System is high strength, modular stormwater infiltration or storage tank made using recycled
polypropylene material.

Modular systems offers architects, engineers and developers an efficient and cost effective sub-surface alternative to conventional methods for stormwater management by:
1. Controlling stormwater at source
2. Providing temporary underground storage of water
3. Allowing infiltration of water into the surrounding soil
4. Storing water for re-use
5. Controlling release of stored water to stormwater systems via connecting pipes

Modular units have the capacity to cater for run-off from individual houses up to the largest commercial and industrial developments and can be tailored to suit specific requirements of each site.
Modular units are easily assembled on-site by clipping together lightweight, high compressive strength
interlocking panels. Assembled units can be interlocked thereby ensuring that the system remains stable under trafficable or high weight bearing load areas.

Are you water Savvy?

Is your garden green?

With an underground rain water tank collecting system, you can save water, preserve the look of your gardens and lawns using the services of our landscapers and keep sporting grounds in use all year round.

  • Tanks of all sizes: Ultimate size control
    Tank sizes start at 10,000 litres and can be as big as you want ……… even up to 5 million litres.
  • Super Tough: install anywhere with confidence
    Water tank strength can be built up to 23 tonne per square metre for residential sites and up to 40 tonne per square metre for commercial sites so driving a truck over it won’t damage it in any way!

Turf Cell

Approximately 70 -90% of surfaces are paved to accommodate car parks. Constructed from concrete and bitumen materials that retain heat from the sun and raise the temperature of surrounding buildings and contribute to the depletion of the Ozone layer.

Turf Cell is the only product available that allows both horizontal and vertical root growth unlike concrete systems, the roots remain cool and grass thrives.

Driving vehicles on to the grass has no effect on protected roots. Aesthetically the product allows the grass to fill in completely, creating a lush lawn with an invisible reinforcement structure.

Eco-Solutions – TURF CELL

The Benefits of an Underground Water Tank

Underground water storage provides a method of managing our water by collecting rainwater for future use, by storing it underground out of sight! With the uncertainty of mains water for garden use and water restrictions likely to be the norm rather than a rarity, it is important to collect as much rainwater as possible from our rooftops instead of allowing this valuable resource to go down our storm water drains. The average household discharges 100,000 to 200,000 litres.
  •     Flexible Design
  •     Modular system, able to create a variety of shapes and can be used as permanent form-work under verandah slabs or in unused swimming pools
  •     Unlimited Capacity
  •     Can be constructed to hold any volume required
  •     Clean Water Storage
  •     Water can be pre-filtered. Water is stored at optimum temperature and in total darkness
  •     Extremely Strong
  •     Crush strength of over 26 tonne per m2 which withstands motor vehicle traffic so can be located under car-parks or driveways.

The average household discharges 100,000 to 200,000 litres of rainwater into our storm water drains each year. This resource can be tapped by installing an underground water storage system. Collecting water from roof areas includes rainfall, heavy dews and even frosts during winter.

Typical applications for the collected water are toilet flushing, laundering, hot water service supply and watering the garden. Systems with a storage capacity of 10,000 to 50,000 litres and more to allow for the large monthly variations in rainfall that we experience and also for the occasional heavy downfall. Underground water storage systems can be built to any shape or size. The modules are made from recycled plastic that is strong enough to drive your car over.

Pool to tank conversion

Transform the space of an unused pool into a space-saving underground water tank

After the family has left the nest, the family pool and its maintenance often becomes costly and hard work, or worse, a leaking pool that cannot be fixed can become a nightmare for the homeowner. A great alternative is to convert the pool into a space-saving underground rain water tank.

The process of converting a pool to an underground water tank is not as difficult as you may think!

Holes are drilled in the floor of the pool to allow the water to drain.  Packing sand is placed in the bottom of the pool to gain a level surface.  A heavy duty tank liner is laid inside the pool, followed by modules.  Next sand is tightly packed around the underground water tank and then finally a 300mm cover of topsoil is raked over the top of the tank.

A filter is connected to the existing stormwater pipes, which then flows into the tank, and a pump is installed with optional garden taps for hand-watering.

1. Unused pool ready to be converted        


2. Pool is emptied and leveled      


3. Tank is installed

4. Pipes are fitted to roof and taps                        

5. Topsoil is added                    


6. Turf laid to provide a new lawn space

A Rainsafe system can also be connected for use in the toilets and laundry.

A pool to underground rain water tank conversion usually takes a total of 4 days to complete.
You can have an attractive yard covered with artificial lawn that can be utilised all year round.