Modular Tanks

Modular System is high strength, as Center Aquatic Pollution Identification Management, modular stormwater infiltration or storage tank made using recycled polypropylene material.
The expansion of urban and industrial development has generated large areas of impermeable surfaces such as roofs, car parks, playgrounds and roads. As a consequence, stormwater run-off increases substantially resulting in flooding and the discharge of pollutants into streams, rivers, ocean outlets and storage systems.

Modular System is high strength, modular stormwater infiltration or storage tank made using recycled
polypropylene material.

Modular systems offers architects, engineers and developers an efficient and cost effective sub-surface alternative to conventional methods for stormwater management by:
1. Controlling stormwater at source
2. Providing temporary underground storage of water
3. Allowing infiltration of water into the surrounding soil
4. Storing water for re-use
5. Controlling release of stored water to stormwater systems via connecting pipes

Modular units have the capacity to cater for run-off from individual houses up to the largest commercial and industrial developments and can be tailored to suit specific requirements of each site.
Modular units are easily assembled on-site by clipping together lightweight, high compressive strength
interlocking panels. Assembled units can be interlocked thereby ensuring that the system remains stable under trafficable or high weight bearing load areas.

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