Pool to tank conversion

Transform the space of an unused pool into a space-saving underground water tank

After the family has left the nest, the family pool and its maintenance often becomes costly and hard work, or worse, a leaking pool that cannot be fixed can become a nightmare for the homeowner. A great alternative is to convert the pool into a space-saving underground rain water tank.

The process of converting a pool to an underground water tank is not as difficult as you may think!

Holes are drilled in the floor of the pool to allow the water to drain.  Packing sand is placed in the bottom of the pool to gain a level surface.  A heavy duty tank liner is laid inside the pool, followed by modules.  Next sand is tightly packed around the underground water tank and then finally a 300mm cover of topsoil is raked over the top of the tank.

A filter is connected to the existing stormwater pipes, which then flows into the tank, and a pump is installed with optional garden taps for hand-watering.

1. Unused pool ready to be converted        


2. Pool is emptied and leveled      


3. Tank is installed

4. Pipes are fitted to roof and taps                        

5. Topsoil is added                    


6. Turf laid to provide a new lawn space

A Rainsafe system can also be connected for use in the toilets and laundry.

A pool to underground rain water tank conversion usually takes a total of 4 days to complete.
You can have an attractive yard covered with artificial lawn that can be utilised all year round.

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